"The ideal Australian Shepherd is found not in the extremes, but his excellence is found in the balance between the extremes" (Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, Las Rocosa Aussies)

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"I don't care if my dogs are pretty", the rancher said, "I need a dog that has the instincts to work stock. He needs to be gentle with the lambs and rough with the steers. He needs to think for himself but still take direction. I need a dog that will be good with my boys, yet hav the stamina to work with me all day and I'm out here from sunup to sunset. He's got to be healthy - I can't be babying a dog, you know..." - "I want a sound mind in a sound body." (source: Liz Palika: "The Australian Shepherd, Champion of Versatility")

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent, versatile dogs with strong herding and guardian instincts. They make exceptional companions and loyal partners in homes where their intelligence, spirit and devotion to their families is understood and appreciated. "Aussies" are not for families that do not have the time to train and involve their dog in daily activities. Aussies want and need to be a part of a family.


PÄTKIS and Daddy "Balu" summer holidays 2011:

Pätkis' Mom Callisto's Glittering Willow is the littermate to ASCA Premier CH Callisto's BadaBingBadaBoom. and Pätkis looks very similar to her uncle. In case she behaves herself, she leaves the show rings with a 1st place or rating "excellent" (ASCA or VDH-Shows). She has definitively more fun in Obedience, Rally-Obedience and Junior-Agility....

Meanwhile, Balu has arranged with his whirlwind who gets soon her own site. Until then, her pictures and actual photos and new titles of her halfsisters can be seen here:

Balu offspring

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August 2011: Balu has had a Check-up at 11.5 years:

* Eyes cleared 

* Thyorid & bib blood profile: clear

* Heart color-doppler-duplex sonographical & EEG: clear

* Sono Prostate & Testicles: clear

Our BIG hope: to keep this status as long as possible....

Updated: 8/ 2011