We are breeding for quality not quantity. 

Our dogs are primarily beloved family members and companions who are participating in competitions and clinics throughout the year thus we do not have a litter every year.   


Own litters are planned several years ahead. Our dogs are getting a wide range of health checks as nearly nobody other do and which are consisting of more than a Dog Club (ASCA, FCI etc.) recommend. 

We do screen puppy interests very carefully to make sure that both humans and dogs are happy with each other as well as taking care if the new puppy home enables a good life.

 We dissociate us from risky matings as we are living for and not from our dogs.

No own litter plans in 2009! 

Balu is expecting in Finland! Pups are already spoken for and only placed within Scandinavia. Please contact Sanna at http://zestforlifeaussies.weebly.com/littersavailable.html

Planned litters with Balu's offspring:

Annelie (Lojocas Kennel in Sweden) is expecting a December litter of versatile puppies out of a very talented red Balu son (Force Galaxies Furst Lynx) and sweet Tilda (obedience and tracking titled): http://www.mrcollin.com/index.htm

Paula (Force Galaxy in Sweden) is planning a winter litter of versatile puppies out of Balu's red tri  tracking CH- daugther Trolla (Force Galaxie's Fustin Libelle): http://www.lotis.se/Litterplansvalpar.htm


How we are raising our own puppies:

Each litter is planned very carefully and long time ahead. Besides the usually health checks our dogs got some more extended checks before going into breed. Every dog can submit an analysis from C. A. Sharp and we guarantee for the health of our puppies. We do only breed if we wanna keep a pup by ourselves or only with a waiting list. We do not breed to satisfy the market or because of money. We demand an active home with love for our puppies and offer our help to the new families whenever needed.

We are feeding High Premium Dog Food, free of hormons, antibiotics and other chemical additions as well as fresh food. The puppies are raised in the living room and in the garden. In the evenings and over night they stay also in the living room. We especially taking care for a good socialization and that they are getting used to all environmental things like car trips, crating, household routine, collar and leash, vet checks, children, other animals etc. We have an own training ground for the dogs and puppy kindergarden.

Every puppy buyer will get a big puppy paquet which contains among others information about the breed, feeding, raising, training. Infos and picture sheets of parents and relatives, copy of litter registration, kibble and others. All pups got their necessary shots, are chipped and eyes checked. 

Puppies of our dogs are proven in obedience, dog dancing, Schutzhund, Agility, Therapy and SEARCH. They enjoy their life as horse companion and the children's best friend.

Please learn before you buy! Many Rescue Dogs are waiting for a new home.