SRN Eagle Icyeyes Masquerade DNA-VP, ASCA CD, VDH-BH, OB-1



ASCA CH Howards Wanagi-ishna Ghosteyes DNA-CP



"The Christmas Angel"

*12/ 2004, ASCA /AKC reg.

19,5 " / 46 lbs./ at 6 mths.

Correct scissors bite (missing one P2 each side)

Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR 1 defect): free +/+

hips, elbows, eyes & thyorid checked free

Extensive sonographic heart check okay

COI: 4,1 % * neutered

Breeder: Sharon Elkins, USA - HOF Excellent Kennel SRN Eagle



I stayed very impressed when I saw Yuma's Grand-Grandmother "Tina" (VCH CH Trueluc Its Tinas Turn CDX OTDc ATDds) the first time many years ago. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible getting a puppy from her as she was going out of breed. The puppies from her daughter "Taco" were too close with our Balu. The long waiting ended with the so much loved Tina's grand-daugther Cheyenne: Yuma was born at Christmas Eve here in Germany. The only blue merle girl, a christmas angel with a long tail, icyblue eyes and the most white markings.

When I met Yuma's Daddy Indy, I was very impressed by his appearance. Indy got his ASCA Champion title at three years old in four shows under three senior breeder judges, 3 times with 5 points! A little sensation for an Aussie from mostly old working lines with a more moderate coat. 

Yuma's brother and sister went several times Best of Bred Puppy (BOBP) and BOBSP (Best of Breed Show Puppy) in partly big classes at ASCA shows. From the beginning, Yuma is very friendly, nosy and social with every dog BUT very protective combined with an intense herding instinct. Yuma LOVES to work and has lot of fun in obedience but even more in agility. But the task she really was born for is in her dreams: living at a farm, laying onto the veranda and watching everything around going on, every time ready to go and work stock. Yuma is... rough and tough..., she would give her life for stock but with our little daugther she is more cautious (but also showing her when "it's enough"). I have been told several times that "this dog may have everything to compete in the obedience worldchampionships" ... Yes, but not me! I love our little Yuma, no matter what.

A very big "Thank you" again to Sharon Elkins for this lovable little girl and for placing the "2nd Eagle".


1st Nov., 2006: Yuma got her German Companion Dog Title "BH"  under difficult circumstances (strong storm and rain as well as Mom's hoarse voice due to a cold). Besides that, she always kept attention and stayed cool.

May, 2007: Three trails, three times placed: Yuma got her CD! Either in hot-wet-weather or intense rain. Because of these circumstances, I am really happy and thankful.

Sept, 2007: First Obedience Beginner Trail with a score of 301. 

2008: Yuma passed obedience 1 class first time but will compete not that much near future. Balu's time is running and I am spending more time for his competition. As Yuma is a workaholic, she is continuing regular training.

Autumn 2009: Ready for Obedience 2 and ASCA Open in spring!




It seems to be family affair; between the following pics there are five years and both have been made two days after their arrival...  


At 14 and 15 weeks of age...



... and when she sometimes takes a rest...



Conformation: excellent!






Is it  now my turn? Always 100 %... ... no matter if heeling at a walk ... or before competition is starting





Yuma's Mom (blue merle) and Dad (black bi):


Yuma's pedigree consists of many titled Versatility Champions unique in Europe. No pure working lines but highest titled in different venues. This is what counts - Versatility and not the classification in working or show-lines. 

Left: Grand-Grandma Tina, Grandpa Joey (Lakota Blackfoot), Grandma Taco (SRN Eagle's Unanswered Prayers) and mom Cheyenen. Bottom left: Grandpa Hawk.





Yuma's Pedigree (COI 4.1 %)

Ch Howards Wanagi-Ishna Ghosteyes DNA-CP
F=1.59% AS-12686E28M
E88521 DL64854704

HD-OFA: excellent (done at 3 yrs. old)

Howards Flash of Blue
Blue C/W RF F=4.08%
Ch Overlands Blu Rustler-rock-

OFA good, blue-merle

Touchstone Brass to Flash Ch Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga
Ch Peartrees Blast of Sass
Gefions to Steal A Star Ch Steal the Show of Bainbridge
Gefions Ohtobe A Scarlett Star
Las Rocosa Lena Brooks

OFA good, red tri

WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX RD Las Rocosa Lester CSD
Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc
Ch Las Rocosa Bow-kay STDc Las Rocosa Rogue OTDc
Las Rocosa Apple Blossom CD
Howards Midnight Blue
Black W RF F=0.00%
Howards Red Spotted Bear

red merle

Whittles Shot of Bourbon

red tri

Ch Bourbon and Branch CD
Mistys Sandy Ritchwood
Bonds Blue Spotted Honey Howards Brandy Benson
Bonds Blue Patches
Howards Little Girl Hones Toby Blue Druins Canadian Spark
Hendersons Blissy
Boyds Sweetie Druins Canadian Spark
Hendersons Blissy
Blue C/W F=5.90% AS-15687G26F-PI
E99388 DL76997603

HD-OFA good

HOF UC-CH AKC Ch ASCA Ch WTCH SRN Eagle Silver Hawk of Carat CD SchH1 RS-N DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF F=9.57% AS-12536E24M
E83976 DL65816103

HD-OFA excellent

Junior Handler Dog

Brother to Balu's Mom

HOF Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd

OFA exc., red merle

HOF WTCH LasRocosa KubliaKhan Crown Pt RDX HOF Las Rocosa Lester CSD
Ch Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress STDds OTDc
Ch Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD STDcs OTDd HOF Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD
Sunny Wishes of Windermere
HOF Ch Truelucs In the Nick of Time CD STDds

OFA good, black tri

Ch Truelucs Impressive Kid Ch Red Banks Paradise of Trueluc CD STDds
Ch Truelucs Touch of Class
Truelucs Smurfette Picasso Blue of Hazelwood
Briarbrooks Crystal of Trueluc
Black C/W F=15.12% AS-12043G27F
E79243 DL62012501

OFA good

Ch Lakota Blackfoot CDX STDc OTDs ATDd

OFA good, blue-merle

HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc HOF Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
HOF Ch Windogos Southern Belle
HOF WIBI Black Velvet WIBI Crystal Blue Smoke
Queenslands Sissy
VCh Ch Trueluc Its Tinas Turn CDX OTDc ATDds

OFA good, black tri

HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc HOF Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
HOF Ch Windogos Southern Belle
HOF Truelucs Champagne Sheila STDd T-N-Ts Pride of the Rockies CD STDcs
Trueluc Bit of Honey