Sammy-Lee of Walnuttree DNA-CP, ASCA CDX, VDH-BH, OB 2, A1


Sally Maid From the Blue Sand x Kraft's Wyldrose Lasyx VDH-BH



*5/ 1996, ASCA reg.

Tail: long, 21.5" (54 cm) / 51 lb (23 kg)

full correct scissors bite

OFA good, elbows/ patella: normal

Eyes/ Heart/ Thyroid: normal

MDR 1 defect both sides negative/free: +/+

Class placements under ASCA sen. breeder judges

FCI/ VDH-judgement: "very good"


Sammy is number 1 here and 100 p. c. Aussie! Thinking by herself, always there to the right time at the right place when needed, otherwise unobtrusive in the background. Very careful with kids and scary people, but very drivy and strong when herding. She is still very playful and silly. Sammy is a "Once in a Lifetime-Aussie". When she wakes up in the morning, it seems her only concern is making everything right. She loves to sit in front of the TV screen and waiting for "the animals".

Sammy is the most reliable horse companion. You never have to get off the horse, no matter if there are deers, cars, biker or jogger. When Sammy turned three years old, I began to look for additional jobs for her and we started agility and obedience. She is a keeper and learns new exercises very quickly. Within two years she finished her ASCA CD with a score of 191.5  and 3rd place under Carol Ann Hartnagle and passed several VDH obedience trails I and II.

In agility, Sammy works excellent at the contact zones and can jump very high. Due to an older injury and a recovered "blood ear" she will not be going for agility and conformation competitions furthermore.

In September 2004, Sammy earned her ASCA CDX-Titel with a score of 191 and 1st place in the Open Class as well as High in Trail (HIT) under judge Jan Wesen (after a competition break of 1 1/2 yrs.). Sammy is the first dog ever with both titles CDX and Obedience 2. To our surprise, she was ranked #20 ASCA Open Obedience- Standings in 2004! Sammy is my first obedience dog and since, she learned me that Pattern Training is old-fashioned!


Sammy had a hard winter 2007 / 2008 and hard to say that she finished her competition career. During winter 2007, she again injured her ear and got a "blood ear", this time at the other, healthy ear. Patiently, she weared a head tape for weeks and then an ear compression bandage furthermore for some weeks. We want to avoid that she had to undergo an operation in anesthesia. Needless to say that she was not able to train. Meanwhile, everything is fine but with a shriveled second ear she came into heat and afterwards in this typical "Mummy season"; thought she had babies and milk for months. All these miracles let her aging. 

As so far, she is still clowny and playful but her hind quarter got weak, stability is gone, I do not want her to jump for Utility. Until these miracles, she was sowhat fit and enthusiastic in Utility training that she would have earned her title without any doubts. Autumn 2007, we made a movie with all exercises and handled like in competition. Our memory to Sammy's last big challenge. Balu will benefit in his Utility training of everything Sammy had learned me. Now, at 12 yrs. old, she was retiring. As before, she enjoys always being at our side, no matter what we do, where we go.  Recently, we did a health check the results give us hope for some more happy years with Sammy. She is simply the best dog I ever had... it is so painful to have no offspring from her here. 


Sammy's father passed away at 16 yrs. old (his parents at 16 and 17 yrs.), her mother Sally is still living with her family. 

Thank you, Gerhild & Klaus for allowing us to share our life with Sammy - primarily, many thanks to Jasmin and Sandra for your outstanding puppy socializing which helped to make Sammy so incomparable.




Pedigree of:

Sammy-Lee of Walnuttree
Blue C/W RF AS-12430G26F F=6.24%
Krafts Wyldrose Lasyx BH
Blue RF AS-6320F26M-T F=3.60%
HIII21 854569Y260
Drees Candy Connection
Black C/W RF F=18.31%
O'Neills Silver Blue
DL51786101 A72800-84247
O'Neills Heath Cliffe
O'Neills Tasha Sue
O'Neills Rebecca Lynn
O'Neills Belfast O'Shannon
O'Neills Misty Teal
Blue Isle Lassie of Wildrose
Red Merle C/W F=1.53%
Justus Waylon of Blue Isle
Ch Casa Buena Sharp Shooter STDcs
Parrishs Possum STDc OTDs ATDd
Flirtation of Windermere
Ch Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
Animation of Windermere CD OTDd
Sally Maid From the Blue Sand
Black C/W RF AS-10243G37F F=10.68%
Blackwoods Yellow Foot Paco BH, A3 DNA-CP
Black C/W RF F=27.99%
Ch Legacys Leader of the Band
E35548 DL39051801
Ch Briarbrooks State of the Art CD
Legacys A Touch of Class
Legacys Let Freedom Ring
Ch Briarbrooks State of the Art CD
Ch Brightwoods Liberty Bell
Chanseys Blue Sand BH
Blue C/W F=6.51%
Night Time Dude of Tres Rios
Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
Smokey Mountain Panda CD
Odysseys Chansey
E30664 DL39072603
Ch Sand Canyons Coup De Main CD
Ch Odysseys Karma CDX
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