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Our Sunnyboy:


ASCA/ AKC reg.:

SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade DNA-VP, ASCA CDX, JS-O, RS-N, GS-N, VDH-BH, OB 3 (FCI), A2, AJ2



Boys from friends:
only reg. with ASCA:

Sandy Creek's Joe Cody DNA-VP, VDH-BH, THS

ASCA / NL reg., VDH / FCI reg. stud dog:

Bullaburra Alive And Kicking CHR-BH


Our Girls:



Sammy-Lee of Walnuttree DNA-CP, ASCA CDX, VDH-BH, 0B 2, A1

SRN Eagle Icyeyes Masquerade DNA-VP, ASCA CD, VDH-BH, OB 1

Masquerade's Twofaced Red Reva DNA-VP

Giving a puppy a new home here at Masquerade is quite a journey: We do only trust a handful breeder and therefore it can take years till we bring a puppy home out of long focused dogs. So far, it ended mostly like this: no girl with a long tail in the litter (because our male is a NBT, we are not allowed to bred NBT x NBT here in Germany) or even no girl in the litter, an appropriate puppy girl has been kept by the breeder or was of no breed quality, the bitch was not pregnant or holding the pups, she has been bred to a male who did not met our expectations, the litter was too close related with our male, meanwhile arised significant risks of the dogs we planned to take a puppy and so on.




Masquerade's Blue Boy Gismo ASCA CD, Team-Test, VDH-BH, OB 2, SchH 3 (Sammy x Cody, *5/99)

Gismo's titles he earned so far are nearly unique for an Aussie: just 2 years old, he earned his ASCA-CD - not even 4 years old, he earned the highest title in Schutzhund 3 - later he earned the title of guardian dog.  The judge commented about Gismo (whose favourite game is tracking): "For a long time now I have not seen a dog working with such fun and without aggression and pressure!" "Gisi" belongs to Katja Heneka and is Leoni's best friend sharing together their toys, fridge and so much more. He is excelling in a Dog Dancing group and competes in the highest obedience level 3. We are so proud and thank you so much, Katja.

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