Bullaburra Alive And Kicking, CHR-BH


CH (NL), ALT-CH (NL) Laverton Yutah FCI-OB3

SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade DNA-VP, ASCA CDX, JS-O, RS-N, GS-N, VDH BH, OB 3 (FCI), A2, AJ2



C. A. Sharp analysis available, COI 8.6 %

*3/ 2004, ASCA/ VDH (FCI) reg.

54 cm / 26 kg

full correct scissors bite

hips free: A2, elbows free: 0/0

Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR 1): free +/+

eyes checked free annually

DNA test for cataract with AHT, England: normal, no carrier (as his parents)

DNA test for Collie Eye Anamoly (CEA): normal (Optigen, USA)

tail: long/ docked

"Chewie" is Balu's son; bred by Ancilla van Engelen (http://www.bullabura.tk) in the Netherlands and owned by Simone Lanz in South Germany (close to Swiss border). Chewie is presented at our website as he has no own one yet. In many respects, he is showing the same behaviour as his Dad Balu; simply said: Chewy is "the Balu in blue-merle"; not only because of his  striking head profile...

Chewie is an adorable bundle of energy with excellent character. He has lots of drive, loves to work and excels in obedience. His littermates have been all placed at international Shows in the Netherlands so far under FCI and AKC judges, among others with Best of Breed Puppy and several excellent ratings. 

With only limited showing, Chewie always earned an "excellent" judgement:

March, 2007: Int. FCI conformation shows in Offenburg, Germany: V2, 2nd. place Open Dogs

June, 2007: Int. FCI conformation shows in Dortmund, Germany; V1, 1st place Open Dogs, 2nd best male out of all classes

November, 2007: Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany; National VDH Show:  V1, 1. st place Open Dogs, Sunday FCI international: V1, Winners Dog, Winner Baden-Württemberg trophy.

Judge reports:

Dr. Peper (3/07): harmonic built up masculine male, excellent head and expression, excellent topline, excellent proportions, excellent angulations, excellent paws and breast, very good bones, excellent coat, fluent movement.

Mrs. van Brempt (5/07): very nice male in good condition, excellent type, good head in all of its parts,  very nice angulations, good body proportions, does move very good in the show ring,  very nice coat, nice neck.

Mr. Habig (11/07): Wonderful type, enormous much class/ charisma, overtops his class, wonderful proportion, superb head, proudly carried, unique action, typical coat, top character. Presented with sense and connoisseurship/ experience.

2009: Chewy was 1 point shy towards his German Kennel Club Champion title when the German government stopped him due to his docked tail due to an injury at a youngster. On the basis of MRT- and X-Ray- pictures, several experts recommended the tail docking. 


Unlimited permit for breeding from VDH (FCI).



Chewie's parents: Daddy Balu and Mommy Yutah.





Pedigree of:

Bullaburra Alive'n Kicking
Blue C/W RF F=8.40%
SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade ASCA CDX RS-N GS-N JS-O VDH BH O3 A2 AJ2 DNA-VP
Red C/W AS-16790G24M-PI F=9.45%
E108421 DL82147406
Ch Legends Albuquerque Low CD CGC DNA-VP
Red Merle C/W AS-14744G25M-T F=12.09%
E96925 DL74518608
Ch Windogos Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDcds DNA-CP
E76751 DL61094506
Ch Merribrooks Cutting Edge
The Bees Knees of Windogo
Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie CD STDcds DNA-CP
E71139 DL54916604
HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc
Truelucs Razzle Dazzle
VCH WTCH Ch SRN Eagles Holiday Wishes CDX CGC JS-O RS-O DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-13261G31F-T F=9.74%
E83865 DL65816104
HOF Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
E35434 DL40172803
HOF WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
Ch Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD STDcs OTDd
HOF Ch Truelucs In the Nick of Time CD STDds
E45048 DL46056701
Ch Truelucs Impressive Kid
Truelucs Smurfette
Nl Ch, Alt-Nl Ch Laverton Yutah O3
Blue C/W F=16.78%

Intl. Ch Artistics It Had To Be Fate DNA-VP
Black C/W RF AS-12464G31M-T F=6.43%
E81936 DL64019703
Touchstone Talisman DNA-CP
E58790 DL46071107
Ch Peartree Blue Moon Detv Agency CD
Touchstone Celestial Seasoning
Ridgeviews Bluegrass Arrogance DNA-CP
E60008 DL45460001
Mistretta Magic of Boot Hill CD
Hildebrands Sweet Caroline
Touchstone Third Degree O'Aran DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-10440G47F-T F=11.21%
E63164 DL49296103
Ch Peartree Blue Moon Detv Agency CD
E28645 DL42206601
Ch Beauwoods A Shot of Peartree
Ch Blue Isles Sassy Lookin'
Touchstone Shot the Raven OTDd STDs DNA-CP
E24820 DL46947101
Ch Blue Isle Peacemaker of Auriga
Rhapsody Primavera Roja
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