SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade DNA-VP, ASCA CDX, JS-O, RS-N, GS-N, VDH-BH,OB 3 (FCI), A2 AJ2


UC-CH AKC maj. ptd. ASCA CH Legends Albuquerque Low DNA-CP CGC CD




*2/ 2000, ASCA /AKC reg.

21" (53 cm) / 56 lb (26 kg)


Tail NBT/ docked, originally 3/4 long

(produced only long tails)

 natural ear set, not clued


Breeder: Sharon Elkins, SRN Eagle/ USA, 

HOF Excellent Kennel 


Balu - not that much males can submit that range of health stats! His quality speaks for himself, not to mention his health status at 11 years old (heart color sono 4/2011, X-RAY thorax and -belly all clear!). His offspring is free of any her hereditary diseases (the oldest ones are 7 yrs. old to date - 4/2011). With less litters, Balu brought impressive offspring we are VERY proud of:

ASCA Conformation-Champion, FCI Champion-Candidates, Tracking-Champion, multiple Obedience- and Agility - title holders both ASCA & FCI up to the highest class 3, one son is member of the Swedish Canine Freestyle-Team, several kids are certified therapy- and SAR dogs, some are regularly herding and most important they are all beloved family dogs - and as we all know, a family dog must have a high tolerance level...

Balu's health examinations include:

full correct scissors bite

free of Hip dysplasia: FCI B1 (Witteborg), OFA good  

(X-rayed at 25 mths.; from very young age in  competitive training, hips of offspring done approx. 90 % A/A, rest B-hips)

  Elbows: FCI 0/0 (Witteborg), OFA: normal

Patella: normal

Topline/back: normal (x-rayed with thorax 1/ 2009)

Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR 1): free; normal/normal (+/+)

Thyroid: normal (big profile) 8/ 2011

Heart: normal (color-duplexsonographic, ECG and X-Ray 7/ 2011)

Testicles & Prostate by sonographic 8/ 2011: clear

eyes checked clear (DOK 8/2011)

DNA-Test Hereditary Cataract Mutation (HC): CLEAR (AHT England)

DNA-Test prcd resp. PRA: normal (Optigen USA)

DNA-Test CEA/ CH: Carrier (Optigen USA); will not develop CEA himself

(C.A. Sharp-analysis for CEA shortly before DNA sample done: 8 from 100 pts.)

C. A. Sharp analysis available; COI 9.6 %

DNA-Blood Sample taken for Epilepsy studies 10/2009

(Med. Kleintierklinik Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)

(Balu's DNA serves at a comparison sample as he is not affected by epilepsy himself as well as not produced any offspring to the time the sample has been taken in respect of his age of nearly 10. While the studies are running we hope for any indications if he is carrier or non carrier; this may take years).

PLEASE take part of this important study!!! Blood samples of epileptic Aussies as well as not affected ones AND not affected ones whose relatives are epileptic are needed!! Munich Vet University co-operates with Helsinki and forwarding these confidential data to Missouri/ USA:

EVERYONE running a stud dog or using a bitch for breeding purposes SHOULD finally participate in all currently available DNA tests! Even Aussies who will not come down with health defects, can be CARRIER and therefore produce sick kids or grandkids. Regarding the annual eye checks they are only certify that the dogs are actually free but cannot say if the dog is a carrier!


Happy birthday, Mr. Balu! Pictured at 11 years old and still strong. In training for UD and Rally-O!




Balu at his 10th birthday (Feb. 2010):

a bit grey hair in face but still very playful and loves to work. We are very thankful that he only brought healthy offspring and grandkids so far (oldest kids are six years old). 



Photos below at 9 yrs. 




You never have to look for Balu - he is always with Susanne. Balu is our dreamboy in EVERY respect we have been waiting for so long. He is more than we ever expected! Balu has an intense protection instinct and loves to work - no matter what he is doing, he likes to please. As the son of outstanding parents of high ability he comes from relatively healthy bloodlines proven both in conformation and versatility. Less pedigrees include so many Hall of Fame (HOF) dogs. If you ask Balu he would say the sun is shining only for him today, he is a real sunnyboy and I am so thankful for every minute with him. He is a VERY special boy!

We cannot thank enough our friend and Balu's breeder Sharon Elkins of HOF Kennel SRN Eagle for this wonderful huggy bear. We are soooooo happy being owned by him.


Just two years of age, Balu's Mom "Holly" earned the awards of Top Herding Dog, Top Obedience Dog and Most Promising Started Dog and in the following year among others Most Versatile Dog. At ASCA Nationals 2001 in Greely, Holly went Top Ten in Most Versatile Aussie #10 out of 83 entries!

Susanne with Balu's Dad and Mom

Balu 9 yrs. 


Balu's accomplishments in the conformation ring:
1st place (10 weeks), class 2-4 mths., ASCA Sen. Breeder Judge Wendy Finsterwald, CO/ USA
2nd place (14 weeks), class 2-4 mths., ASCA Sen. Breeder Judge Gary Hawly & Lynn Hamon
2nd place (9 mths.), class 9-12 mths., ASCA Sen. Breeder Judge Wendy Finsterwald & Annette Cyboron
2nd place (15 mths.), class 12-18 mths., ASCA Sen. Breeder Judge Debra Gower (13 entries)
1st place (20 mths.), class Open Red, ASCA Sen. Breeder Judge Janet Goin & Carol Ann Hartnagle; Winners Dog 4th und 3rd place (175 entries each)
"Very good" and "Excellent" at VDH shows (FCI) in Munich and Offenburg

Balu is affected by the German show ban for docked dogs coming into force May 2002 (enacted Sept. 2001). We are not criminal and therefore NOT dealing with vet certs stating that the docking was due to an accident or something else or that he has a NBT as short as docked to be able to show him furthermore. Therefore, he is no longer allowed to be shown in Germany but he IS our CH! No matter if these both letters would be printed before his name - he stays the same dog and his quality speaks for himself as well as his offspring. 


Balu's accomplishments in the competition ring:

With 13 mths.: German Companion Dog Test (VDH-Begleithundeprüfung) - min. age for dogs 12 mths.
With 15 mths.  1st leg towards his ASCA-CD
With 17 mths.  1st qual. trial "VDH-Obedience I" with several more placements
With 25 mths.  ASCA-CD (1st place) under Janet White
*** Youngest dog ever earning both CD & OB-I title***
With 31 mths. 2nd place (13 entries) at a fun match under the English judge and Top Trainer Angela White (English Obedience Reglement)
With 32 mths. 1st qual. trail "VDH-Obedience II" with several more (1st) placements and qualified for O3
With 32 mths. 2 legs towards his ASCA-CDX (1st and 2nd place)

2003: Break from trials because of owner's pregnancy 

2004-2007: Agility Trails; first season in 2004 no "Dis", over these years multiple clean runs and placements including A2 and A Jumping 2.

May, 2006: ASCA CDX-Title! Over one weekend, in his first two trails he got one leg each with a 1st and 2nd placement and finished later his CDX Title with another 1st place. Listed #5 in the standings of the German ASCA affiliate club ASCD  for Obedience Open A+B in 2006!


Sept., 2006: Balu earned his Regular Jumping Novice (JS-N) with two clean runs and his Regular Jumping Open (JS-O) at the same weekend.



March, 2007: at one weekend, Balu finished his Regular Novice Agility title as well as his Gambler Standard Novice with two clean runs. 


Sept., 2007: Balu earned his Obedience 3 title (highest International Obedience class FCI) at his first trail! 

2008: Balu will not compete in Agility furthermore though I would have been glad if we could go for his Open Veterans titles... but the expenses are too high... In no case he would go on in the Regular European Classes - according to his height and weight, we do not wanna risk his bones under those parcour conditions

Shortly after starting training for his Utility competition, I' ve got a bad knee injury and had to undergo an operation later as well as a training break for more than over a year...

2010: the long winter had pressed his musculature and back hard... but.. he still has much fun in Utility training and we are going on busily....


(*) With ASCA Obedience you need three qualifying trails to get a title without any zero! Among others, a double comand means a score of zero. In order to get a realistic estimation, I am also competing at least three times in each class of VDH Obedience.

The way to an ASCA title can be hard because of the qualifiying requirements, high expenses for entry fees, fuel, hotel and most important: there are not that much ASCA trails offered as German VDH obedience or agility trails! Distraction at ASCA-Ring is enormous! Often, in the ring next to the obedience conformation shows are held with bitches in heat as well as agility runs. Also, ASCA ring are not that much isolated from people, dogs etc. as with German Kennel Club trails. This means a real challenge for all dogs, especially for studs.



      Trailing at 2 p.m./ hot temp.

Spring 2009: Balu's final challenge:Utility 







Balu's kids have their own page: Balu's kids

More pics at "Training" and "PhotoFun"

Pedigree of:

SRN Eagle Red Hot Masquerade ASCA CDX JS-O, RS-N, GS-N, VDH BH, O3, A2, AJ2, DNA-VP
Red C/W AS-16790G24M-PI
Ch Legends Albuquerque Low CGC CD DNA-VP
Red Merle C/W AS-14744G25M-T
E96925 DL74518608


Ch Windogos Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDcds DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-11194E24M
E76751 DL61094506

Therapy Dog

Ch Merribrooks Cutting Edge
E68488 DL54095602


HOF Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
HOF Ch Windogos Sweet Success
The Bees Knees of Windogo
E57715 DL43775801


HOF SVCH WTCH Ch Beauwoods Rustlin'in The Sun UDT RD RV-N DNA-CP
Ch Cats Meow of Starcross
Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie CD STDcds
Blue C/W RF AS-10116G24F
E71139 DL54916604



HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc
E53307 DL42964202
HOF Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
HOF Ch Windogos Southern Belle
Truelucs Razzle Dazzle
E60700 DL50698101
Ch Down-under Hes Cool of Trueluc
Ch Truelucs Touch of Class
VCH WTCH CH U-CCH U-CD SRN Eagle's Holiday Wishes
Black C/W RF AS-13261G31F-T
E83865 DL65816104


HOF Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
Red Merle C/W AS-4922E28M
E35434 DL40172803
HOF WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
E19118 DL49596502


HOF Las Rocosa Lester CSD
Ch Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress STDds OTDc
Ch Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD STDcs OTDd


HOF Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD
Sunny Wishes of Windermere
HOF Ch Truelucs In The Nick of Time CD STDds
Black C/W AS-7085G40F-T
E45048 DL46056701
Ch Truelucs Impressive Kid
E31216 DL46877702

Over 45 BOB wins

Ch Red Banks Paradise of Trueluc CD STDds
Ch Truelucs Touch of Class
Truelucs Smurfette
Picasso Blue of Hazelwood
Briarbrooks Crystal of Trueluc
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