Susanne grew up with dogs and horses. One dog has been very successful in the conformation ring, however, suffered later very strongly by the so called "Dackellaehmung" (typical breed problem of Dachsies like hip dysplasia) and we let her go at seven years old. At the end, no one was allowed to narrow her, she cried as of  pain and fear, someone could touch her. The following Schnauzer bitch seemd to be healthy up to her 7th birthday when she suddenly got seizures and turned into epilepsy and later also got heart problems. Because of medicine she became 13.5 years old. Helplessly, we had to watch her seizures when she did not get her pills very precisely or the medicine had to be changed from time to time. We all suffered very much from that.

Australian Shepherds?!?

The next dog took time; I left my home town, Lothar and myself were working full time and therefore we did not wanna own a dog. Because of our horses, we met an Australian Shepherd the first time in 1990. Contrary to many different, we needed somewhat longer in order to accustom us to the unusual merle color. Rather we were inspired with the high intelligence of this dog sometimes there was only a visual contact necessary and the Aussie knew what his two-legged friend wanted. With untiring eagerness and joy he executed tasks and often, then it seemed, knew it already before, what is to be done. With the years, the number of Aussies around us increased; especially we loved the Mom of our first Aussie: Sally. We could hardly expect it since her first litter arrived. Lasyx, dad of the puppies was a wonderful male of a well experienced breeder who has been to my side from this time with advice and help about what I am very grateful.

A few weeks later, Sammy entered our home, the job has been reduced to part time and since this time it is a "hobby" to extend my knowledge of the Australian Shepherd insistently. Of whole heart, I would like to thank my friends in the USA for the untiring helpfulness and your support regarding my breeding ethics of these marvelous dogs.

Breeding ethics

We are, and always will be, a small kennel with only a few Aussies to be able to give them all love, the care and individual jobs. Neither we collect nor we are producing Aussies and also do not raise a litter every year. Nevertheless, I investigate much over the individual lines, their offspring, genetics and much more besides. Me is very much to know the parents and if possible grandparents of our dogs personally - also, if they are living abroad. I have a rather exact conception of it with which dogs and/ or lines I wanna breed in future. Our goal is solely devoted to producing sound, stable, versatile Aussies with great temperament. Our kennel name is ASCA protected and we adheres to their standard to keep the Aussie robust, athletically, moderate, not too big with too excessive coat or weight.

We do not breed to satisfy the market and do also not promote the Australian Shepherd towards a modest, ideal family companion. Belonging to the herding group, you  have to follow their mobility and eagerness to learn to enable a harmonic life for both sides. 

Before we breed...

Our dogs are only going into breed when the necessary health checks (hips, elbows, patellar, eyes, thyroid etc.) turned out okay. Primarily, we pay attention to a certain level of training and psychical and physical stability of our dogs - therefore, we mainly do not breed before they are three years old. Our Aussies are full family members - we do not place a bitch with other people when she should not get any babies furthermore in order to fill her place with a young one.

One of the most important traits our dogs have to posse is a sound temperament. In our opinion, if they do not have a stable temperament, they are always going to have problems no matter what you ask them to do. As we are living very rural, we are going for daily long walks, biking or horse riding. Besides that, we enjoy competing in many venues, primarily competing in ASCA and German obedience as well as in agility. They need to have the energy level to go and work when you want them to, but are able to come into the house and relax by the fire. 

Our offspring is successful in obedience, agility, Schutzhund, therapy, dogdancing, search & rescue and primarily they are the kid's best companions.


In 2003, our two-footed whirlwind has been born:



We hardly recommend to read the outstanding articles about puppy buying and puppy raising by Kristin Rush and Liz Palika (please click our "Links" page below). You will also find a breeder's checklist there. For genetics info, click onto the ASHGI website below:

We are supporting the "10 Steps-Program" of ASHGI (Australian Shepherd and Genetic Institute). This program is for people who want to join the effort to improve the genetic health of the Australian Shepherd, and who support open health information registries. Click onto the logo to learn more.